Two Men (one a Canadian) charged with plotting attack on Danish newspaper over Cartoons

Posted: October 28, 2009 in Depressing, News, Religion

“Two Chicago men, one of them a Canadian citizen, have been arrested and charged with allegedly plotting to attack a Danish newspaper that published cartoons about the Prophet Muhammad.”
CBC News World, 2009/10/27

The infamous ‘Danish Newspaper Cartoons’ have been among Atheist’s best examples of Muslim intolerence, fanaticism and overreaction. This is the type of world these people intend to impose on us all. It is their stated goal.

Another excellent example is the also infamous ‘Teddy Bear Incident’ where Sudanese Muslims freaked over naming a teddy bear Mohammad. Apparently, Muslims can name fallible humans after their Prophet, but everything else (infallible) is out.

This British woman, teaching in a private school in Sudan, allowed her class to name a teddy bear after the most popular boy in the class, who bore the name of the founder of Islam. She was jailed for blasphemy and threatened with a public flogging, while a mob outside the prison demanded her death! To the protesters, the woman’s life clearly had less value than maximizing the dignity of their religion.

As to this current plot, I can only echo Bill Maher: “John Kerry said this is a law enforcement problem. And that’s exactly how they defeated those terrorists – with good old-fashioned police work.”
– Larry King Live, Sept 2, 2006


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