Catholics humiliated by Hitchens and Fry!

Posted: November 10, 2009 in Brilliant!, Funny!, Interesting!, Religion

I watched the Intelligence Squared debate last night featuring Christopher Hitchens and Stephen Fry VS Archbishop Onaiyekan (of Abuja, Nigeria) and Ann Widdecombe (Conservative MP in Britain.) I was once again impressed by the tenacity and intelligence of the Atheists, and sadly was again disappointed by the Church Team.

The subject being debated was “The Catholic Church is a force for good in the world.” The vote count coming into the debate was:

after the debate, this stunning result was obtained:


After hearing the speakers, the number of people in the audience who opposed the motion increased by 774!

Here are a few of the dynamite quotes mined from this event:

“Owning a billion souls – such an opportunity to do something remarkable, to make this planet better. It’s an opportunity that is constantly and arrogantly being avoided and I’m sorry for that.”
– Stephen Fry

“There will come a time when the Church will issue apologies and explanations and half-baked appeals for forgiveness for things it is still doing.”
– Christopher Hitchens

“When he dies, [Pope Benedict] there’s quite a long interval until the Conclave can meet, and for that whole time, there is a delicious, lucid interlude where there isn’t anyone on Earth who claims to be infallible… If the human species is to rise to the full height that is demanded by it’s dignity and it’s intelligence, we must all of us move to a state of affairs where that condition is permanent, and I think we should get on with it!
– Christopher Hitchens

The debate is absolutely fantastic, and I recommend it to all! It’s less than an hour long and can be viewed here:

Here is an article from


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