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Posted: June 9, 2010 in General Interest

I’ve just switched over to WordPress and I’m looking forward to sharing my thoughts and views more regularly! I’ve been itching to do a video series, but I think that’s the point where one should back off and think HARD about what they have to say BEFORE they start shouting it! Nothing worse to me than seeing a tiny square for a video sample and it’s a floating head, mouth agape. The title alone had better be good to get me in the door!

This blog will be a collaboration between myself and the readers and commenters, trying to figure out how we can all coexist when the problems we face seem so intractable. The plain fact is that I’m just a 41-year-old guy who thinks he’s got something to add to the discussion but wants to make sure.

Thanks for listening! I imported the posts from my Blogger account to give anyone who chances by a look at what they can expect. Given the increase in activity on the world stage over last several months, I think I can do much better. I hope you’ll agree.

Timothy Riches

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